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Custom Designs

What We Make

We specialize in designing custom jewelry for our customers that desire an original piece of jewelry that they helped create. Our experienced jewelers can bring your ideas and inspirations to life in our custom made pieces. By working with our experienced jewelers to envision your piece, we start the process by carving wax molds and utilize computer animated drawings (CAD) to bring precision to each and every piece. Interested in designing your own custom piece of jewelry? Check out a small example of the process below, and visit our contact page to set up a meeting with one of our jewelers to learn more.

In the CAD design process, a computer drawing is made and a wax is created.
Once the wax is approved by the customer, the wax is cast in the desired metal, (gold, platinum, silver, etc.)
Once the ring is cast, the stones are set (in this example diamonds and black onyx) and the ring is polished and finished.